Solid Urban Waste (SUW) management is a problem of utmost importance when addressing both scientific and social impact.
Currently about 1.2 kg. of SUW per person, totaling 1.3 billion tonnes, is produced annually on an urban scale in comparison to the 0.68 billion tonnes produced ten years ago.
Due to the growing trend of urbanization on a global scale, future forecasts are even more dramatic.
Scientific and technological research can - and must - give a decisive contribution to create a virtuous circle based on the so-called "3Rs" (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle).
These are the issues on which the XXI IUPAC - CHEMRAWN World Conference on Solid Urban Waste Management will focus. IUPAC is strongly committed to exploiting and promoting strategies for developed and developing countries on sustainable chemistry issues.
On behalf of CNR, the hosting Institution, and of Italian Committee for IUPAC, I invite scientists, technicians, environmental Companies and Associations, National and International Bodies for Normative Issues and Policy Makers to attend the Conference in Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the World. WELCOME TO ITALY!


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